James E. Iñiguez & Associates, PLLC. 


At the James E. Iñiguez & Associates, PLLC, you’re never just one client lost among hundreds of others. We’re proud to communicate with you in real time, via phone, email, or internet video so that you are well informed as your case progresses. That’s just one example of what a small firm such as ours can serve our clients.

We are available to meet with you evenings and Sundays. That’s because we know when you’re trying to find a lawyer, you might need one to be available to you when you are not working. 

James E. Iñiguez has been helping individuals and businesses solve their problems since 1996.  Having started his law practice exclusively in fields of criminal and family law, his client's demanded that he expand his areas of practice to help them in other areas.  Over the years, his practice evolved away from criminal law and into business and commercial areas. However, he has maintained his proficiency in Divorce and Family law, and has developed particular expertise in "Parental Alienation" cases and the cross-examination of mental health professionals and business appraisal experts.  

Here at the James E. Iñiguez & Associates, PLLC, we work hard to resolve your matrimonial/family court matter without litigation.  However, if there is no alternative but to litigate, we are ready to assist in achieving your goals in Court.  

We work for businesses with a national presence to helping the local shop owner deal with the City.  

What sets us apart most is honesty, our commitment to the best possible outcome, and our responsiveness in dealing with our clients.