Any legal problem involving your family is bound to be overwhelming. When your assets or your children are at stake, seek guidance from a family law attorney. James Iñiguez can help you from the moment you visit his local law firm in New York, NY.

Iniguez Law Group takes a compassionate approach to divorce cases. Attorney Iñiguez's knowledge of family law allows him to guide clients through child custody disputes, domestic violence situations and other legal matters. You can expect him to listen attentively as you describe your circumstances and voice your concerns.

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Representing New York families since 1996

Filing for divorce is a difficult decision, so rely on attorney Iñiguez for support. He can help you:

Protect the assets you acquired before you got married

Work out child support and custody agreements

Take legal action against your abusive partner

Find other solutions for your family

No matter what happens, your family law attorney is here for you.

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Attorney Iñiguez understands the uncertainty that you're feeling. He comes from a divorced family, so he can empathize with you in a way that other attorneys cannot. Visit his local law firm in New York, NY today to get the guidance you need to move forward.