An Aggressive Law Firm Prepared to Protect Domestic Violence Victims

A swift punch, a thrown object, and cruel name-calling are among signs of domestic violence. You have suffered this abuse for far too long and finally have reached the point where you need help to get out of this relationship and protect yourself and your children.

Domestic violence is sad, unnecessary, and tragic. It tears apart families and leaves permanent wounds. When you've decided to take the brave step toward filing for divorce, you also must secure a domestic violence protection order. This legal document just might save your life. The attorneys at Iniguez Law Group, in New York City, have the experience to help you.

No One Deserves to Be Abused in Any Situation

For more than 20 years, our Manhattan-based law firm has helped victims of domestic violence. Our attorneys are aggressive, knowledgeable, and dependable. If you're tired of the harassment and physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, we will help you take action through a domestic violence protection order.

We will get your spouse banned from your home, limit his or her contact with you and your children in a critical step to keep you safe. While we are understanding and empathetic, our law firm also will fight for you and your family. You don't deserve abuse, and getting a domestic violence protection order in place is one of the first steps toward helping you.

We Have the Skills, so Call Us Now

If you're a victim of domestic violence, it's important to take action. You must protect yourself and your children. We can help you in getting a judge to issue a domestic violence protection order. Iniguez Law Group, in New York City, is an experienced family law attorney. We are aggressive and understanding. For an initial consultation, contact us or call.