Raising a Child in the New York, NY Area Is Costly

A child support attorney can help you fight for fair monthly payments

Parents have been known to struggle financially after getting divorced. Child support is designed to help custodial parents pay for their children's education, health care and basic needs. If you're searching for a child support attorney who can empathize with your situation, turn to Iniguez Law Group in New York, NY.

Attorney Iñiguez will advocate for fair payments based on your child's needs and your financial situation. He can also assist you with child support modifications as needed. Call 212-406-4991 now to set up a meeting with attorney Iñiguez.

When should you modify an existing agreement?

Your child's needs and your financial situation will likely change over time. You can request a child support modification if you or your ex have:


Received a promotion

Lost a primary source of income

We understand how frustrating it can be when noncustodial parents refuse to pay child support. Attorney Iñiguez can pursue an enforcement action against them if needed. Contact his law office in New York, NY today to speak with him directly.